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Access Control Hardware Installed by TechPro


Joe Shopsin


April 18, 2021


Access Control Hardware

Access Control in 2021 Installed by TechPro

You should hire a professionals security contractor if you’re looking to have access control hardware installed at your business or home.

Access Control Hardware is part of a broader umbrella of technologies known as home and business automation. The idea behind these technologies is to create digital and automatic management systems for analog processes that normally occur at these types of locations. Some other examples of automation besides access control hardware include Automatic and remote AC control, Fan and lighting control, pool and jacuzzi temperature control, and voice operations. However, access control is a very specific facet of automation that focuses specifically on allowing, or not allowing, entry and exit points at any location to be accessed or opened by particular individuals with the correct credentials.

Access control hardware requires a deep knowledge of many different techniques and trade fields to be able to properly, safely, and cleanly install as well as program. That’s why these systems should always be installed by a pro-security contractor.  Access Control systems are built to add locking mechanisms to different types of doors, with varying weight and pressure resistances designed to keep them shut in the attempt of forced entry. Many Magnetic locks or maglocks for example can engage to keep a door closed even again a thousand or more pounds of pulling or pushing pressure.

These locks can be activated/deactivated either from using card readers, pin pads, or keyfob readers as well as exit and entry buttons. They can also be activated/deactivated manually from a central control computer, running software designed to co0mmunicated with the central Access Control board. A Board will be installed on-site, connected to every single Acces Control lock, card reader, keyfob reader, pin pad, and entry-exit/button as well s your PC network. All these devices communicate together to form your Access control system

Access control is not the kind of tool that can be installed by a novice, even one who might be somewhat familiar with basic installations around the home. In other words, Access control installation is not akin to something simple like changing a doorknob or hanging a TV wall mount. At Techpro, we employ a team of professionals who know the following skillsets:

  • Construction Modification
  • Cable Routing
  • Computer Networking
  • Electrical Component Management
  • CCTV Hardware and Software Setup
  • Access Control Hardware and Software Setup

The above are just some of many examples. This kind of hardware always requires some kind of construction modification and we never recommend you try to set up a system like this without hiring an access control installer. For more info on how you can achieve total security, call TechPro today!

Don’t DIY or call just anyone…

…Let the Pros handle it- Techpro!

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