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Contractor for Access Control


Joe Shopsin


November 9, 2021


Access Control in 2022; Electronic Locks

Contractor for Access Control

Entry/Exit hardware for security purposes should always be installed on location by a professional, and certified contractor for access control.We are TechPro Security, and our name is synonymous with quality security products and installations. We are contractors for the sale, installation, set up, and ongoing service of security equipment which includes CCTV, Alarms, and of course we are also a contractor for Access Control as well.  We are known for our quality planning, quoting, installation, and maintenance services as it pertains to the various security technologies available today. So why hire an access control installer like TechPro? well first, it helps to have a good understanding of what access control is.

Security is no small matter, and there is no one size fits all solution. There are many various kinds of security systems and components, such as CCTV, cameras, and recorders for example. You also have on-site personnel like security guards who actively work to monitor your CCTV systems and the area in general. Additionally, Alarm systems can be used to deter criminals, trespassers, and thieves. All of these technologies and people working together can make a great security system, but there is one face missing from that equation, and that is access control. Access control is a somewhat self-explanatory term. In short, access control is a series of technologies like advanced locks and strikes working together with computer hardware and software to monitor entry/exit door activity inside and around the perimeter of any location. Access control allows you to decide who can enter what doors, at what time, using whichever methods you prefer among the available options.

There are many components that can, and might composes an access control system. One example of access control in use is an amagnetic lock or ‘maglock’ connected to a heavy entry/exit door for a facility. An employee, with a badge carrying a scannable chip, can have this badge programmed into the access control system’s software. When this employee needs to enter or leave the building, they swipe or present their badge to a keypad/car dreader. This reader sends a signal to the Access control board which in turn checks with the PC software to see if the badge is ‘authorized’. If there is an authorized record of the badge, the maglock briefly cuts magnetic power causing the door to unlock and be openable. The employee can then enter the facility, and the lock will automatically re-engage when the door is closed.

The above is just one of many examples. This kind of hardware always requires some kind of construction modification and we never recommend you try to set up a system like this without hiring an access control installer. For more info on how you can achieve total security, call TechPro today!

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