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CCTV and Access Control Installer


Joe Shopsin


August 25, 2021


Security Camera Installation Fort Lauderdale

CCTV and Access Control Installer – TechPro

When choosing the right security equipment for your location, you should also choose a trustworthy CCTV and Access control installer, Like TechPro Security Products!

We are the go-to-guys when it comes to making sure your location is as secure as it could possibly be! Security might mean different things to different people but it really does always boil down to the same key, or core ideas.

  1. That you feel safe at the location
  2. That others feel safe at the location
  3. That you feel the locations integrity and property are protected
  4. That you have the means to prove your case should an incident occur
  5. That your security measures work to actively deter criminal activity.

These key points are integral to having a security system on-site that truly fulfills the purpose of its intent- which is of course not provide security and a sense of safety. There are many tools we use today to achieve these goals, but none are more proactive than CCTV and Access control.

CCTV is the use of security cameras connected all in one system together, privately viewable only by those with access to the system. These systems can be HD over COAX based using DVRs and COAX cameras, but they can also be network-based using IP cameras and NVRs. Hybrid DVRs can also do a mix of both. CCTV on site is a well-known criminal deterrent, as those wishing to commit crimes are statistically convinced not to the moment they see cameras on site. Further, should an unfortunate incident occur despite best efforts, you’ll have the evidence to back it up to insurance or the authorities.

Access Control adds a whole new level of practice security to your location. A central station is networked to a controller PC, and connected electronically to a series of electrical locks, strikes, keycard readers, keyfob readers, pin pads or other HID products. The controlling PC runs software capable of adding and removing user data tied to pins, keys, and the like. This system allows you to dynamically control who enters or exits the building at any given time of day, while also maintaining a record of doing so. Some of our maglocks can withstand hundreds of pounds of pressure preventing even the use of excessive forcible entry to break in.

Neither of these technologies should be approached without the aid of a trusted CCTV and Access Control installer like TechPro Security. With a track record that speaks for itself, TechPro will be able to safely and securely install your equipment int he most efficient way, and int he most effective locations and placements. If you are inexperienced in taking measurements, cutting and compressing cable, and working with construction tools you can seriously damage your own property in a way that will result in costly repairs. Lastly, there are networking components to much of the hardware involved, especially when it comes to IP cameras, Access control, and remote viewing over the web. Without the networking and computer knowledge needed to set these things up properly, you can easily botch an install and make the situation far more complex. For the safety of you, others, and your property- make sure to get a professional installer.

Let the Pros handle it!
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