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Access Control in 2021 Installed by TechPro


Joe Shopsin


January 20, 2021


Access Control in 2022; Electronic Locks

Access Control in 2021 Installed by TechPro

For the sake of the security of your home or business, More than ever before now is the time to consider installing Access Control in 2021. Access Control is an important part of achieving total security at any given location. TechPro security is the number one installer of security products in the South Florida area- and we know what total security really means. You might be wondering what we mean when we say ‘total security’, and how installing Access Control in 2021 plays a role in this concept. When we say total security- we mean using a combination of various security measures and protocols in order to create a sense of security that leaves virtually no areas where security isn’t present. In order to truly achieve this, many security components need to be installed on-site, and today we wanted to talk to you a little bit about how installing Access Control in 2021, plays a major role in this process.

When thinking of security, there are likely several things you can probably already name off the top of your head that are a part of this picture. For example, people often think of on-site security personnel who patrol the grounds or monitor specific exit/entry points. Another security tool people often mention is a CCTV system. CCTV is the use of cameras and recording devices to maintain a record of footage and view live situations for the purpose of securing evidence and awareness. Additionally, alarm systems provide a deterrent for criminal activity and alert authorities and the property managers or owners if there’s a break-in or another issue. However, there’s another piece to this puzzle and that is- access control.

Access control, very simply put, is the use of a series of electronically controlled locking mechanisms, computerized control boards, exit and entry buttons, card readers and pin pads, and computer software, to manage and control who has access to the location when, and where. Installing Access Control in 2021 will provide that extra layer of security that might be missing from your location. Magnetic locks and strikes can hold doors closed with pressure in the thousands of pounds. This is one of the most secure ways you can prevent access from unauthorized persons trying to gain entry. The system also provides logging data so you can always know who used what door, and when.

Access control is not the kind of tool that can be installed by a novice, even one who might be somewhat familiar with basic installations around the home. In other words, Access control installation is not akin to something simple like changing a doorknob or hanging a TV wall mount. At Techpro, we employ a team of professionals who know the following skillsets:

  • Construction Modification
  • Cable Routing
  • Computer Networking
  • Electrical Component Management
  • CCTV Hardware and Software Setup
  • Access Control Hardware and Software Setup

The above are just some of many examples. This kind of hardware always requires some kind of construction modification and we never recommend you try to set up a system like this without hiring an access control installer. For more info on how you can achieve total security, call TechPro today!

Don’t DIY or call just anyone…

…Let the Pros handle it- Techpro!

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