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    Let TechPro Security Products assist you with any type of residential security cameras and surveillance that will protect your home around the clock.

    We are based in Boca Raton and serve all of South Florida with security camera installation services. Picking the perfect surveillance contractor to install your security cameras and related products is crucial to having peace of mind knowing it is done right. Complete and thorough customer satisfaction is our goal.

    10 Years of Quality Service in Security Camera Installation

    TechPro Security Products is not just another pop up residential surveillance company that will disappear in less than a year (right when the warranties run out). We have been serving our customers with surveillance related products for nearly ten years at the same location.

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    Industry Leaders

    TechPro Security Products exclusively designs and installs complete home surveillance installation projects from beginning to end. Doing everything from one locations means you will not have to deal with any middlemen as we firmly stand behind our products and services. 

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    Built To Last

    Innovative security and surveillance techniques combined with superior home security camera installation service allows you to keep a better piece of mind while we work together to protect your home.

    Monitor Everything

    We will gladly visit your home to give a free quote and design the most protective home security camera installation for you.  We also now include many other surveillance related services for our clients.  Remote Monitoring and access control will deliver the ultimate layer of security.

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    Fully Protect your House

    TechPro Security Products will design the perfect security surveillance solution for your home dependant to your topography and architecture. We can monitor every inch of your property – front, back, side and even the top with an aerial view.

    We can incorporate a variety of surveillance camera techniques that will allow for remote viewing, monitoring and alerting.  Alerts can be triggered for a myriad of options from motion to sound.

    Secure & Safe

    For homeowners and homebuyers, security surveillance is a top priority to consider when investing in a new or existing home. TechPro Security Products rapid ascension in the security camera installation field is easily attributed to a few noticeable areas.

    Customer satisfaction is the trademark for which we have worked exceedingly hard to establish ourselves as a leading home security camera installation company. 

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