If you have been thinking about installing a DVR security camera systems in your home or business, the time has never been better than now. Advanced technology and lower prices mean you can install DVR security cameras in your house or place of work with a minimum of fuss and outlay from your pocketbook.

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You have options when it comes to purchasing a reliable DVR security system for your home. Consider how you will use it, and what you will use it for. Not all systems are alike and some may not work well for your purposes.

Types of DVR Security Systems

Today’s advanced technology means that no longer do consumers have to put up with the many limitations of surveillance equipment which uses video recordings. One newer option is a PC-based DVR security camera system.

A PC-based DVR security system employs the used of digital video with exceptional clarity which can be viewed directly on your computer. More than just a tiny webcam to capture video on a home PC with monitor and basic software, a security DVR which performs the job of providing safety for you and your family is much more sophisticated. Utilizing special hardware, software, and a variety of accessories to enhance communication between the camera and a computer, a good quality system is precisely manufactured so that all components work together in a consistent manner. After all, no security system is worth the money if it only works intermittently or unreliably. As well, you will need a top-notch computer with hefty processor to handle the video images.

There are many advantages to using a PC-based security system. It is easily upgraded as new technology becomes available. There is unlimited storage capacity for the footage through memory cards, writing to disks, or saving to your hard drive. Surveillance footage can be viewed remotely. With digital signal processing, the processor can be reprogrammed to accommodate changes.

Another option is to purchase a system which does not require the use of a computer to view the footage. Because you are relying on DVR recorders to capture clear footage and do so on a regular basis, you will want to ensure you buy the best quality you can afford. Ensure the DVR has features which allow you to effectively stop, still, reverse and forward the picture in a manner which is easily viewable are included, as well as a robust processor. These are important considerations when purchasing a DVR system used with a surveillance camera.

The latest technology to enhance video compression is the use of a H.264 DVR. What this means is that today’s DVRs are capable of producing superior quality video at lower bit rates than those of older versions. Flexibility in the technology allows for practical application in a home security camera system. This is definitely a feature you will want in the DVR component of your surveillance system.

No matter what type of DVR security camera system you choose, ensure that you are purchasing good quality, reliable components which are backed by a comprehensive service package and warranty and sold by a trusted company. After all, when the safety and security of your home or business is riding on a surveillance system, there is no room for error or regrets.

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