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How To Use Substream To Remotely View DVRs

Our DVRs are among the most advanced security DVRs in the industry. However, all DVRs, regardless of make, model or manufacturer will consume bandwidth for remote monitoring of the cameras whether inside the network (LAN) or outside the network (WAN). Currently, the most efficient compression method is the H.264 format. Our DVRs all use H.264 compression and therefore consume less bandwidth than any DVR that does not. Additionally, our DVRs offer the ability to have 2 separate streams of video for every channel. One stream can be used for recording and in most cases, the second stream (usually referred to as the substream) is used for remote access. This feature is great benefit because it allows the DVR to record at the highest quality, resolution and frame rate available thereby preserving the quality of the recorded video while allowing the sub stream to be configured at lower quality to preserve bandwidth for remote access. This feature allows our DVRs to be remotely accessed without having a negative impact on the quality of the recorded video even in low bandwidth environments.

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