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IT Services with TechPro

TechPro Security products is south Florida #1 CCTV installer, and now we also provide a variety of General and advanced IT Services!

In todays world, running a business means using an array of various technologies. These technologies all work together to perform various tasks which keep the business running. This can be something very directly technological like a Point of Sale (or POS) machine being used to preform cashiering duties. It could be an email sent from one employee to another, or even from an employee to  potential client or customer. That very same email could be sent using a PC, or a smartphone. Phone calls are being made, social media pages are being updated, and business is booming. All of these technologies have one major key component in common and that is communication.

In order for the technologies your business utilize to properly function, they need to be able to effectively communicate. That’s where TechPros IT Services come into play! Your business’s technology and its ability to communicate is directly dependent on quality, integrity, and security of your network. A Computer network is the type of network referring to, but what is a computer network, and why would you need the help of TechPro’s IT services to manage it?

A Computer network is made when more than one computer powered technologies connect to communicate data back and forth. Using a combination of Wired cables, usually ethernet of fiber, as well ass some wireless connectivity, a network can be made between devices. However, building and structuring this network and having it behave properly without issues is a much larger and more complex task that simply making physical connections. Every device on the network needs to be given a correct IP address, and even deciding what this will be and how to distribute these addresses is a large and convoluted task.

Security is another factor, aside from complexity, TechPro carries world class networking hardware, and we know how to properly install, set up, and manage it so your network is completely secure. That means unwanted threats from outside your network wont be able to get in. Simply turning on the internet, and connecting a few devices to a router will not provide your business with the proper level of network security it needs to have peace of mind. TechPro can install and manage multi layered networks and ensure their maximum degree of security is in place. This way, army devices you need to communicate in o out do so on your terms, and nothing you don’t wan in can get in.

Lastly, we’ll also ensure your network is not only stable and secure, but efficient as well. TechPro won’t leave any bandwidth on the table. With years of experience designing, installing, and determining the structure for business networks we have the expertise to ensure your devices are communing securely, properly, and and the quickest speeds possible given your current location’s internet connection.

Our It services go well beyond network setup and management, Security is a major factor. With TechPro you know that your network is protected from exterior threats. Your devices will be able to communicate in a d out on your terms, while having your network protected from any external data sources that are unwanted.

More than just data security management, TechPro offers many other  IT services and related services From print management to security hardware, installation and monitoring, we do it all! Give us a call today to learn more! 561.922.8416

Let the Pros handle your IT Services- TechPro!

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