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Access Control and Security

Access Control and Security

  Thinking about how access control and security systems can benefit you? There really are countless answers to that question. That is true no matter what sort of building you are in or trying to secure. From theft prevention to… View Article

Access Control Equipment

What is Access Control Equipment?

What is Access Control Equipment? Access control equipment, otherwise known as access control systems, is a combination of new technology that allows access to locked points or doors without a key. It is most commonly seen at gated entrances and… View Article

Home Security Camera Installation

Home Security Camera Installation

TechPro Security Products is the premium solution if you ever find yourself in need of South Florida home security camera installation services. Our team consists of security product specialists who have extensive experience installing CCTV and security products for residential… View Article

Security Systems For Bars And Clubs In South Florida

If you own a bar or club in South Florida, you know the importance of a good security plan. Your security plans enable your establishment to be a safe place where people can have a good time. If you don’t have a good security plan in place, there are a few guidelines you should follow. Many bar and club owners don’t know how to develop a security plan that works. Your establishment’s reputation relies on your security plan. As the owner of a bar or club, you will be faced with challenging situations such as intoxication, age verification practices and enforcing your policies. There are other issues such as employees, physical assaults and hiring security personnel.

PIR Sensors For Sale In South Florida

Passive Infrared Sensors detect motion by measuring the amount of light that radiates from objects. These sensors are also called motion detectors. You can find PIR sensors for sale in South Florida by searching online. The best part about motion detecting surveillance equipment is the fact that you save space on your digital recorder. There is also no need to view images that have no subject. The PIR sensors detect heat and only record when this is sensed by the cameras. Surveillance cameras that feature this technology are available at home security retail stores. Home surveillance cameras are a great way to keep an eye on the exterior of your home.

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